Who Is Pepper On Claim To Fame?

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Since its premiere in July, fans have immersed themselves in the addicting ABC series “Claim to Fame.” The show, which Kevin and Frankie Jonas host, features 12 contestants with celebrity relatives living under one roof. With a $100,000 prize on the line, the group must guess each other’s famous family member or face elimination. “What’s so cool about it is the house that they’re in, everything is art directed. What that means is every picture, every state, every coaster could be a clue to someone’s identity,” Kevin said in an interview with ET.

Over the last few weeks, eight of the famous-adjacent contestants have been eliminated, including Simone Biles’ sister, Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter, Tiffany Haddish’s sister, Al Sharpton’s daughter, Brett Favre’s daughter, Laverne Cox’s twin brother, Zendaya’s cousin, and Chuck Norris’ grandson, per People. With the only four house guests left, viewers have been eager to find out about their celebrity relatives. However, one of the most challenging contestants for fans to decipher has been Pepper. Here’s who we think her celebrity relative is.

Could Dean Martin be Pepper’s grandfather?

Since July, fans of the hit ABC series “Claim to Fame” have put on their investigative caps to find out which celebrities the contestants are related to. With eight out of the 12 competitors officially eliminated, viewers have set their sights on the final four. One of the contestants that has left fans guessing is Pepper. Over the course of the series, the reality star has unveiled an array of clues regarding her famous grandparent, including a red pocket square and an “orange-in-ale Rat Pack singer” description, per PopSugar.

With the aforementioned hints, some fans have dwindled their guesses down to a few celebrities. One viewer tweeted, “Pepper looks like she is Ashley Judd’s daughter. Dead Ringer.” Another fan wrote, “Pepper looks exactly like Dean Martin.” While it’s safe to say that Pepper is not related to Judd due to the actor not having any kids, Martin has since been poised as the perfect contender. According to Closer Weekly, the late singer and comedian had eight children, which certainly leaves room for opportunity.

All signs of Pepper’s ancestry point to Dean Martin

After Pepper revealed her grandparent was a Rat Pack singer, viewers theorized that Dean Martin is her grandfather. The guess isn’t too far-fetched, seeing as how he had eight children throughout three marriages. “Claim to Fame” fans on Twitter also pinpointed an article shared on Pepper’s Instagram, which seemingly confirmed her identity before the post was promptly deleted.

In the 2021 news piece from ABC4, the reality star was interviewed about her Airbnb house in Utah. Aside from the article addressing Pepper as “Pepper Martin,” the piece takes it a step further with one eye-opening statement. “And the property even has ties to singer, actor, and comedian Dean Martin, who vacationed there. (Pepper is the esteemed singer’s granddaughter),” the news outlet noted.

Alongside the aforementioned news report, eagle-eyed viewers have also found further proof of Pepper’s ancestry through Ricci Martin’s 2004 book, “That’s Amore.” In the autobiography, late singer opened up about the birth of his daughter, whose name is listed as Pepper Jazz. “For Christmas in 1993, we all gathered at Mom’s house for dinner,” he wrote. “By now, Annie and I are living near Park City, Utah and had just had our first daughter, Pepper Jazz.” Pepper’s Instagram handle is pepperjazzz, and she lists her full name as Pepper Martin. Ain’t that a kick in the head?

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