A New Bachelor Leak Reveals 5 More Women Joining Zachs Season

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He’s looking for his “best friend.”

by Kadin Burnett and Grace Wehniainen

Updated: Sep. 22, 2022

Originally Published: Sep. 21, 2022

Zach Shallcross is the next Bachelor for Season 27.

Every ending gives way to a new beginning. And after one of the most dramatic finales ever of The Bachelorette, Bachelor Nation is already moving on apace, and announced their plans for Season 27 of The Bachelor on Sept. 20. Here’s everything we know.

Who Is The Next Bachelor?

After Zach Shallcross, Aven Jones, and Nate Mitchell were all floated as potential picks, ABC confirmed that Zach would be the next Bachelor. His emotional split with Rachel “didn’t change how ready I was,” Zach told Jesse Palmer upon being introduced — adding that he’s looking for his “best friend.”

Rachel Rechia, Aven, Zach, Tino, Gabby Windey, Jason, Johnny, and Erich on 'The Bachelorette'
Craig Sjodin/ABC

The Bachelor Season 27Premiere Date

There’s still one more franchise property to get through before we get the next season of The Bachelor. Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 will take fans back to the beach on Sept. 27, continuing to air into November at the latest.

During After the Final Rose, Jesse Palmer revealed that The Bachelor Season 27 would premiere on Monday, Jan. 23.

The Bachelor Season 27 Cast

There’s always the possibility that a familiar face will make a comeback for another shot at love — but we haven’t heard anything about past contestants trying to earn themselves a second chance. However, ABC did introduce Zach to his first five women at the After the Final Rose special of The Bachelorette.

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For the first time, Twitter users were able to vote for who they wanted the Bachelor to give his first impression rose to. They chose Brianna, meaning she is already safe come night one.

On Sept. 21, Reality Steve shared the names of five more women reportedly joining Zach’s Bachelor season: Vanessa Esparsen, Madi Johnson, Sonia Sharma, Davia Bunch, and Kat Izzo.

This article will be updated as more details about The Bachelor Season 27 become available.

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