ABC Names Zach Shallcross as ‘The Bachelor’ Season 27 Lead

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After much deliberation within Bachelor Nation, ABC announced the lead for The Bachelor Season 27. If you’re a fan of Rachel Recchia’s third runner-up or you’re actor Patrick Warburton, you’ll be elated by the decision.

That’s right, The Bachelorette‘s Season 19 contestant Zach Shallcross is officially our new Bachelor lead.

After Part 1 of The Bachelorette‘s finale, Bachelor Nation’s favorite spoiler Reality Steve reported that Shallcross would likely be named the next Bachelor on After The Final Rose, and he was correct! After the second half of the finale aired on Tuesday, September 20, host Jesse Palmer announced that the 25-year-old tech executive from California would be taking on the title.

Shallcross was a fan-favorite on The Bachelorette, and it seemed like he and Recchia were going to make it all the way to the finale. But their relationship fell apart during Fantasy Suites. After the two spent the night together, Shallcross decided to walk away from the show during a rose ceremony. Though the reasoning behind the breakup was initially unclear, Shallcross and Recchia talked things out on air last week with Palmer. Apparently, Recchia questioned whether or not Shallcross was really ready (at age 25) to get engaged, which upset him. The two also agreed that their night alone together in the Fantasy Suite was just plain awkward, and Recchia admitted she wasn’t sure she could get to the point she needed to be at with him before proposals.

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When the two reunited in the studio, they ended things on a positive note. Now, Shallcross will embark on his own journey to find love and understand what exactly Recchia was going through as a lead.

Shallcross isn’t just Patrick Warburton’s nephew. From his Bachelorette bio we know he’s “an old-fashioned romantic” who “loves his mama, his dogs, and football.” He would also loves to be Spiderman for a day, doesn’t like eggs/breakfast, and has mastered the Top Gun beach volleyball high-five. He sounds like a keeper, but only time — and a whole other season from this exhausting franchise — will tell.

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